My Secret Dream for 2014- Journal Prompt


Hey Wonderful Souls!

I am all for having  a support system for the life you want to create, however I know that sometimes we need to keep things tucked within us for a period of time while it “marinating” is what we need to do. Other times we have not even admitted to ourselves what we want. So lets start trusting ourselves to hear our own dreams a bit more. Start by asking yourself…

What is my secret dream for 2014?

I am not asking you to share it with anyone, I know these things can be so tender. I am simply encouraging you to write it down in your journal on a piece of paper you can tuck away for now, or one you can look at all the time. I am asking you to own this dream by speaking/writing it to yourself! Maybe there is an image that depicts it perfectly, whatever it is, allow yourself to open up to it.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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