5 Ways to Use Pinterest- Friday 5 Faves


Hey Inspiring Souls!

There is the obvious use of Pinterest to have a home for all the yummy images, crafts etc. there are some really great ways to use Pinterest that can enhance many different areas of your life when you use it mindfully. It’s a great tool to help you sort of curate your life, taste, inspirations!

1)      Vision Boards: Create a Vision Board, for this year, in general, month or a specific area of your life. It’s a great way to gather quotes, links, resources and inspiration for your life! I have one for a general vision board and a board for 2014 things I want to explore, learn etc.

2)      Visual Bookmark: Use it as a bookmark for wonderful articles online, if the article is one I want to share or go back to I use Pinterest (if it has an image as most do, if it does not then I bookmark it) I don’t know about you but there is so much good stuff out there that it can get buried in the other good stuff, using Pinterest to “save” and reference it makes it way more likely I will actually see and use it!

3)      Notice: Use the secret boards for gathering info and images of stuff that feels more personal to you, for stuff out of your comfort zone (in sharing with others)

4)      Wish list: As well as a wish list for your life, it’s a great way to capture the items you want all in one place to reference.

5)      Gift List: Gift Ideas for friends, family etc. this could also be made to be a group board and you could invite those you buy gifts for to pin ideas as well!

Of course it’s a great way to gather Recipes, DIY ideas, Inspiring Words, Videos etc. The above list though is my favorite ways to use it though! I have all sorts of boards including just general stuff, Funny stuff and an entire board with just journal inspiration, I have done themed boards for each month or season.

It’s also become an amazing and not pushy way to promote your business, I am working on learning more of that!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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