10 Ways to listen to your life..


Hey Beautiful Souls!

It’s all too easy to feel like life is happening to us

Life is surrounding us with messages, with clues, whispers, 2×4’s and all sorts of other ways in order to try and get its message through to us. We become so focused on what we think things should look like that we often miss what they could or do look like. We are all “guilty” of this.

We can’t of course tune into every single sound, scent, message etc. That would be totally overwhelming and sensory overload for sure! What we can do is start to notice these messages a bit more day by day.

This is a reminder for me as well, I can try and put those things on mute for a while but they are not going to leave me alone until I listen one way or another!

Here are 10 ways to listen to your life

1.       Journal or just notice what I am hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling? This sounds like a lengthier process than it has to be it can take you 1 minute or 10 minutes. It all depends how detailed and deep into it you want to get.

2.       What word phrase keeps coming up for you (you may hear yourself saying gosh that’s the third time I have heard that song, about that class, idea, word, quote etc) That is a message. Jot those things down, at least notice where these might be coming up. Sometimes the message is really clear once we are open to it, other times it takes a bit of marinating or reflection to get it!

3.       What’s inspiring you these days? These are messages. Capture it with a camera (camera phone totally counts), a few words (or a lot of words) with bits of paper and articles from magazines torn out and put into an inspiration journal (Pinterest is the sort of digital idea of this I am a super fan of both !) you will start to notice themes or things you drawn to. Some literal some not so much.

4.       Close your eyes, take a deep breath and do a body check in, what are you feeling? Where are you tense. What messages might your body be giving you **

5.       Notice your reactions to things. From things you get excited about to passionate about (mad and happy), notice if you have an emotional reaction to a song or piece of writing. I have had what feels like an “out of nowhere” reaction to a song where I just start to cry. Often it’s because there is a message I relate to or needed to hear.

6.       What do you find yourself craving? Like really craving maybe it’s certain type of food, spaciousness, connection, real soul nourishing comfort (not the numbing kind), movement this craving is also a message to you! ( call these Soul notes too, those things that are tugging at me, not sure why but I just jot it down)

7.       Journal about what you are feeling, wanting ,doing, avoiding, whatever it doesn’t matter what you write at this point just that you write! Stuff will very often bubble to the surface-things you didn’t know you were upset or stressed about, desires etc. A prompt I love to use when I can feel myself getting very surface with my journling but knowing I want more is to use the word “Truth” and go from there.

8.       Look at your health, what is going on with your health? How are you feeling? So often our internal disconnect turns into/shows up as body dis-ease. I know for me when I am really out of alignment it shows up in my gut area in various ways. Our bodies are strong but they are also powerful truth tellers if we would only listen (this is one I have to really remind myself to go back to often)

9.       Look at your surroundings. The chaos and all! What might it be telling you? That you have taken on too much, put off stuff because it was uncomfortable, settled, bought too much in the name of wanting to find your style, purpose, right life?! Our external chaos is often a reflection of the internal. At least I know that is totally (and annoyingly!) true for my life. I can tell when I have been sort of checked out (going through the motions but not really present) as it’s clear in the way that I look, the way our apartment looks etc.

10.   What do you lose track time doing? Not the type where you are so zoned out bored that you have no concept of time because each minute feels like an hour so you stop looking at the clock (not that I am speaking from experience or anything!)But the type of losing track of time because you are so in the zone of what you are doing, loving it.  This is your life (or in my opinion Soul) giving you clear message to say it wants more of that!

In other words, Notice, Question, Listen and when appropriate do!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “10 Ways to listen to your life..

  1. Love this post! Yes sometimes we stop listening to the messages and they are often so obvious. It made mfeel like journaling and drawing again. Thanks!

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