30 Inspiring ways to spend $5

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Hello Beautiful Souls!

This idea started with a lovely bouqet of flowers that cost me $4 and made me think, what inspiration can $5 buy? We so often feel we need a lot of money to really be happy. But it’s these little pleasures that really fuel the joy! Here are 30 Inspiring ways to spend $5.

1.       A string of Lights to hang up in your room or  above your desk. I did this with some clearance lights after Christmas and it makes me oddly joyful to have them up all year round! (look at discount stores or amazon for these!)

2.       Flowers, one great one or a small bouquet

3.       Journal, dream, write, grocery lists, bucket lists, ideas whatever you want to capture!

4.       A Magazine (one that you don’t usually indulge in or a new to you magazine)

5.       A Reusable Bag, there are a ton of cute bags out there to be able to stick in your car, purse etc to bring with you when you go shopping!

6.       Donate, there are lots of causes you can donate just $5 to or give to someone in need in your community.

7.       Colored pens, because they make writing even mundane things more fun!

8.       Craft tape, put it on your journal, put it on your envelopes, there are a zillion ways to use this fun stuff!

9.       A succulent plant, they are beautiful and often resilient

10.   A favorite treat to really savor

11.   A few new songs on iTunes

12.   A Candle

13.   Used book (From Amazon, the Library, local used bookstore)

14.   Getting a few of your favorite photos printed out (lots of places do this now, Target, Walgreen’s most stores like that do this service for cheap!)

15.   A yummy scented shower gel

16.   Kids craft supplies (because they feel less precious to start your experimenting with)

17.   Frame (the Dollar store and Target have a good inexpensive selection.) put in it some words or image from a magazine or one pic of someone, something you love/inspires you

18.   A beautiful card, to send to someone just because or to keep for yourself because it makes your eyes happy!

19.   An eBook (you can download a free app or a desktop version of kindle)

20.   Find a (cute!) pack of cards to send out to loved ones with a favorite quote or thinking of you

21.   Buy a pack of post it’s (my fave being bright pink!) and write little love notes to yourself, to your family, little gratitude lists, fave quote etc.

22.   Find a new flavor of tea

23.   Get a cup/mug you love (discount stores are a great place to get a great variety)

24.   Go to a locally owned café and get a cuppa (tea, coffee) and sit and enjoy the energy, people watch. See what inspires you! Just slow-down!

25.   Send it to your niece, nephew or a child you know and rest assured that to them $5 is full of possibility and riches!

26.   Stick it in a book or somewhere in a store for a someone to find, put a note with it that says enjoy!

27.   Go to Fiver and find a service you would love to try or need!

28.   Get cute file folders, because why should filing be ugly if it doesn’t need to be!

29.   Buy a new to you ingredient and find a recipe for it!

30.   Start a dream fund (Hey it’s got to start somewhere right?!)

I am sure there are a ton of ways I have never thought of or didn’t think of this time, what ways would you spend an “extra” $5 if you had it?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



5 responses to “30 Inspiring ways to spend $5

  1. Great ideas! And a great post!

  2. I did this challenge one day. I went to a local museum (free) and then to an ice cream shop where I ordered a milk shake–something I haven’t had in years. The shop let you mix flavors so I mixed a lowfat vanilla yogurt with a dark chocolate mint ice cream. Delicious. What a nice day for $5 and a reasonable amount of calories.

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