Living in the “just for now” state of mind


Living in the Just For Now” state of mind

Don’t you just love it when life gives you in your face lessons? Yeah , me neither! Well actually I do sometimes, once I have gotten a bit of perspective and I either  A) stop beating myself up or B) Stop feeling sorry for myself!

In one of the many workshops/groups I belong to (I am addicted and I don’t want help- I find that when I am mindful about these things they really nourish me and the bigger vision!)  But I digress. In one of these groups she talks about Feng Shui and the rule of 27. Doing this prompt I for some reason started moving and decluttering a spot in my living room I rarely give attention to.

In doing this, I realized that this spot become the catch all for several items that I was putting there “Just for Now” ( by the way that was about 3 years ago!) It started a bit of thinking and discussion for several other people too that they had “just for now” areas. And it got me to thinking where else I might be living from a “Just for Now” place mentally and physical!

Let me explain what I mean by the “Just for Now” space a bit more. This is the space where you shove things, conversations, decisions etc. aside because you don’t want to, don’t have the time, are afraid to deal with it now, so we put them aside (mentally or physically) in a “temporary” space. But that temporary “space” is where it ends up staying long term.

“Just for Now” shows up in so many ways for so many of us. And you know what sometimes it really is just for now. But if we are not mindful of these things then they can become permanent temporary solutions!

Now for me the thing that sparked it was a cup, a box and some other really random sh.. stuff! What it got me thinking of is. Clothing, Where I live, Jobs and things in some of my relationships that I need to decide on or discuss and I put the decision off “Just for now”

While I have no magic formula for how to not do this in our lives. I can say that bringing a sense of mindfulness, awareness – checking in can help you not do this in so many areas and can bring awareness to where you might be doing this as well.  I can tell you that I will more often catch myself in the just for now moments, but I am under no illusion that now that I am aware that I do this this that  I will stop doing this 100%.

What I can say is that I will create a list, because I love lists I will walk around my apartment, I will look at my life, my things, my relationships and ask myself- Where am I living from a “Just for Now” space? I will choose one tiny area at a time and then another and then another.

Where are you living in a “Just for Now” space?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Inspired



2 responses to “Living in the “just for now” state of mind

  1. I so completely get this, and how it can apply across our lives. I do the same thing with difficult issues I need to face, classes I’ve paid for, but don’t feel “safe” doing when anyone else is home, and, of course, the piles on the various tables. I keep thinking I will actually get rid of 2014 things this year, but so far, not much progress has been made.

    • I think the important thing is that we start to notice it. And then we have the opportunity to shift it. Just remember you are not alone in it. Also the year is still young no reason you can’t start now. And if 2014 is too overwhelming do a play on that (20+14 or something like that) Sometimes the feeling of defeat stops us before we even really dive in! You got this!

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