35 ways to create-Even if you don’t think you’re creative!

Hey Creative Souls,

I as you might have guessed by now and by the title of my blog/business am a huge advocate of Creating. I want to remind you that you do not need to be a sculptor or “fine artist” to be creative, to create in your life in all sorts of ways!

Creating the life we desire is often made up of small steps, choices and shifts. We have all had and all will have those times of big leaps and changes. But we need not wait for those to start creating the life we desire, these ideas are meant to inspire you and get you started. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out (I don’t think we ever do!) start now. Even with the seemingly “small” and unrelated steps it can absolutely be a start to put  you on the path of creating the life you truly want to live.

1.       Create an Outfit (not just the same ol same ol- fellas this can apply to you too ya know!) Wear something that makes you feel good, that feels like you

2.       Create an Inspiration Space or Altar (this can be done in the tiniest of spaces too, I have a tiny alter that is on a pretty saucer sized plate)

3.       Create a nourishing meal

4.       Create a list (of dreams, things that inspire you, Nourishes you list, ways I have rocked it or shown up for myself list the list (!) could go on and on!

5.       Create a morning routine

6.       Create Space (in your schedule, in your home)

7.       Create a book club

8.       Create a Photo Series (use any type of camera and choose a theme or subject!)

9.       Create a playlist that expresses you

10.   Create an Inspiration Journal

11.   Create a Creative Space (see what you can re purpose, what can be taken out or put in to make it possible. Can you go vertical, some simple shelves to store your supplies on, what about a box of supplies if you really can’t find the space)

12.   Create a Spiritual Practice, one that nourishes you. Let it be as simple or layered as you really feel called to.

13.   Create a Blessings Jar  or bowl , got and love this idea from Jamie Ridler

14.   Create a Visual Journal   and I have  a workshop on it starting Feb 14th 2014

15.   Create a custom candle holder (I used a $1 candle and a sharpie to write and draw on it, works great with the frosted glass ones!) – See above image!

16.   Create a budget/money plan

17.   Create doodles, don’t go in with expectations or over complicate it, just have fun!

18.   Create lists for your life more/less list, bucket list, No so I can say yes list, enough list.

19.   Create a dream fund- use an envelope and tuck it someplace safe- or use a mason jar (or any old jelly or spaghetti sauce jar) Decorate it, put in images or words that represent your dream. Or simply a note saying “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now”

20.   Create an Inspiration board (use washi and a blank wall or door, cork-board or a large piece of paper to stick up on the wall)

21.   Create a Self-Care routine

22.   Create a Blog (or if you have one a new blog post)

23.   Create a Facebook page for something that you are passionate about (business, baking, quotes, animals, writing, dancing or anything else!)

24.   Create a new recipe

25.   Create a business

26.   Create an idea journal or list (capture your ideas, no pressure to make them come true at this point you are just collecting!)

27.   Crate an outline of your someday book idea

28.   Create a schedule one that really supports the bigger vision.

29.   Create a catch all journal- I know I mention several types of journals but if that feels overwhelming to you. Create/Designate a journal for whatever you want to write about, lists, to do’s, soul notes, ideas, inspirations, stick in images, words, envelopes (to catch the little bits) create sections or leave it to happen in whatever order you want!

30.   Create a poem, even if it’s a “really bad” one (though super poetic or not I don’t think they are ever bad it’s all about self -expression)

31.   Create a monthly theme. What do you want to invite in each month? Theme it, make a collage for it and some tiny inspired actions to help support it every month!   Here is a post where I explain a bit more.

32.   Create a self-Portrait (you choose the medium, words, paint, photo a combo of)

33.   Create an affirmation- a great way to do this is by creating   affirmation cards monthly or weekl

34.   Create a must read list for 2014, the year goes by so fast. There are new books being “born” all the time. Mindfully choose some that you really want to read this year (say 1 a month or less if that feels better to you!)

35.   Create a Gratitude practice. I am an advocate of writing it down. But there are a lot of ways to do this. Photos, apps, journal, index card, notes on your phone, post it’s, social media. I do not think there is a wrong way to do it!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “35 ways to create-Even if you don’t think you’re creative!

  1. The links in #10 and #14 are broken. Just thought you’d want to know 🙂  Trece

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