Finding your Yes in your No-Soul Musings


Finding your Yes in your No – (Getting to your Soul Yes!)

Hey Inspiring Soul!

Do you find yourself saying things like “I don’t know” (what to do next or about this situation, be, write, create etc.?) We all have those times.  So this got me to thinking, what are ways we can find out yes?

Not just a default yes (because you think you should or that’s how you have been doing it) but a real SOUL Yes!?

Do you find yourself saying yes to so many things that you are starting to feel overwhelmed by it? Even though so much of it is good stuff? Yeah me too!

I think that sometimes we can find that   Yes in the No.

Sometimes it’s easier to know what you don’t want in a situation then what you do want. But if you know what you don’t want in many areas of your life you can start there. The trick is to not get stuck there, when we focus too much on what we do not want to attract in our lives then guess what we are doing? Attracting more of what we don’t want in our lives! (and most of the time totally unaware of this vicious cycle we get ourselves in)

How about when it’s the good stuff we need to say no to so we can say yes to the bigger vision (a soul yes!)? I think  that there is a message in the No here to. However I totally get this one is often harder to recognize as it it’s wrapped up in a really lovely package.

I personally have been looking at where I am doing both of these lately. And frankly I first started out writing this in a semi teaching mode. But you know what I am simply going to share with you how I have and will continue to do the work of finding my Yes in my No! Because right now in my life that is something I really need to do. I have said yes to so many things and yet I find myself at times being

A) totally overwhelmed even by the good stuff

B) Still more stuck than I would like to admit in several areas of my life

C) Not finding the cycles for the things that I know on some level will  move me closer to my vision because I am so distracted by all this other shiny good stuff but it’s not THE stuff, not the Soul Yes!

Ok let’s do this together shall we?!

  • What things are feeling overwhelming to me? Yes, even the good stuff. (taking on too many classes and not feeling like you are able to fully dive into any of them because you are trying to “keep up” , piles and piles of books and resources you keep meaning to get to, Over committing to social type of events etc. the list could go on, there are a few in there that I am totally familiar with!
  • What  don’t  I want? What is the opposite of that? In the what you don’t want is the NO and the opposite is the Yes!

For me personally some things I do not want are- To live my family’s money story (sorry ya’all!) I want to set myself up for success and thrive. This means facing some not so fun truths but necessary for being empowered in this area.

-I do not want to sit on my ideas- I want to capture gather and create them –the ones that feel like a Soul yes.

-I do not want even the good stuff, to feel like obligations- I want to really use and learn from the resources, tools I have not just leave it all sitting there wondering why I didn’t get it by osmosis!

– I do not want to wear the “this will do pieces” –I want to wear the pieces I love and feel good in.

-I do not want keep ignoring the soul tugs I get about my mind, body and soul are craving,  I want to listen to them with courage and follow them as much as I can. And seriously there are times where it could be as simple as what I am nourishing my body with.

  • What won’t I stand for any longer, what I am done with? The NO MORE will lead to at the very least a clearer picture of the Yes!

These are the places I am leaning into the No to find my yes. And in this process I will say NO to settling and letting the fact that the discomfort can be so much more seemingly easier and convenient then really digging in, because it’s truly not on a deeper level even if on a surface level it seems that way.

So what do you need to say NO to so you can say YES to your Soul?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Finding your Yes in your No-Soul Musings

  1. I like your ability to clearly state what you like and don’t like about your life at the moment. I don’t like saying No but as I focus on the things that make me really Breathe I find saying no easier. I’m a writer who likes to procrastinate by reading inspirational quotes (I found your page by googling I just need space, in case you were wondering) so I thought I’d leave you with this one I find useful whenever I lose focus of my goals: “To nurture your talent requires considerable discipline, for there are many other good things you will not have time to do if you are serious about your creativity.” Marilee Zedenek

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! That is a great quote, I have never heard it before (and I am a quote addict!) I understand saying No is not always fun, but there are those times where we need to to clear space for the bigger yes! It’s a process! What kind of writing do you do? can you let the quotes be a jumping off point for it?

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