Nourish Actions- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

What are you needing these days? Does it feel overwhelming? Yeah it does for me sometimes too… So let’s start small and ask yourself:

What are 3-5 small or easy things I can do to nourish myself mind, body, soul within in the next week?

Now write them down on a post it or somewhere else you will be reminded of them, after exploring in your journal and give yourself that gift of nourishing yourself on different levels.

I will share some of mine!

1.       Take more pictures, this is something I love to do but I have been ignoring that tugging lately so I will say take at least 3 pictures of this beautiful and chaotic life of mine!

2.       Pick out my outfit for the next day the night before at least 3 times (when I do this, things run smoother in the morning, yet I find myself not being consistent about it!)

3.       Create a braindump list to get all the stuff (connected or not) out of my head and in a place where I can sort it out!

4.       Sit and savor a cup of jasmine tea in a beautiful cup

5.       Do at least 15 minutes of Yoga

What are yours?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


4 responses to “Nourish Actions- Journal Prompt

  1. Your list is exactly what I have been thinking about lately including picking out my outfit the night before and especially the braindump list to get everything in one place. It was funny to see the exact things I have on my mind 🙂

    • Jenni, great minds think alike 🙂 The picking the clothes out the night before is such a simple idea but really does make a difference for my morning! And I just love a braindump!

  2. I have to agree, your mind frequency is the same as mine….and simple yet small things are the way to get grounded and inspired again. I am going to walk 20mins 3-4 times this week as one of my goals.
    The other thing I am going to do is a short meditation at night to be grateul and connected.
    I will also eat more vegies, salads for dinner.
    and last but not least I will right at leas one nourishig thought in my journal daily this week.

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