Easy Ways to add Inspiration – Friday 5 Faves


Hey Inspiring Souls

This weeks Friday 5 Faves I share 5 of my fave ways to add inspiration and joy to my life in as little as 2 minutes! Quick and easy!

1.       “Fairly” lights- I bought a string of Christmas lights after the holidays for less than $4. I put them above my desk at home and every time I plug them in , it brings a bit of joy and beauty to me life!

2.       Light a Candle, I just love candles! I have 2 scented ones that I like to use the most often (though not usually at the same time but I totally could!) One is Vanilla and the other is Lavender.

3.       Stack of Bracelets- One of those little pleasures in life! I just LOVE a nice stack of bracelets on the wrist! Super simple way to add some joy to getting dressed and to my day and often inspires me as I glance (or stare) at it throughout the day! I know I am easily amused, and I am good with that!

4.       Create (Soul Notes, Visual Journal page, take a picture and play with the editing,  spread paint on a page etc. Doodle, write) Even as little as 2-5 minutes adds inspiration and joy to my life!

5.       Go on Pinterest, while I do get that this can be a vortex of time and energy if we allow ourselves to be sucked in! Pinterest is a great way to add some inspiration to your life (your boards!) fast. I go on almost daily but often for only 5 minutes or less. I am always sure to find an image, quote, idea that inspires me!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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