10 ways you can start to wake up your Soul right now!


10 Ways you can start to wake-up your Soul!

It’s all too easy for many of us to feel like we are simply going through the motions of life and that we have hit the snooze button on the Soul too many times. It’s time to start waking up your Soul. Here are 10 ways to start doing that now!

1.       Create something  A meal, a picture, a poem, the list could go on and on! (For some Soul awakening , I am most fond of getting my hands messy with paint in my journal or a canvas)

2.       Go out in whatever nature you are near, and really look at it, soak it in, get up close, step back, look up and  notice the clouds. Allow yourself a moment (or lots of them) of Awe!

3.       Listen to “it” create Soul notes what is tugging at you, what do you find yourself drawn to, what are you really craving? (I am a huge fan of Soul Notes, I capture them on post it’s, the notes app on my phone, I my journal or any other way I can as they are tugging!)

4.       Dance (it totally counts if it’s “bad” dancing as I do not have an abundance of rhythm! )

5.       Listen to Soulful music, inspiring messages, or soulful voices. While I am usually all about the message there are certain artists that I listen to like Adel who could sing a grocery list and sound soulful!

6.       Play! This can be done in all sorts of ways, and likely you will find yourself resisting a bit (or a lot) because it feels “silly” or unproductive to you. Try to shush those voices for even 5 minutes and allow yourself to play! Get a bottle of bubbles, get a pack of crayons and do a rubbing (remember when you used to get the leaf and put it under the paper and rubbed a crayon over it to get the outline/shape of it?! Get sidewalk chalk and write a message to your soul, finger paint. It’s  not about what you do it’s about evoking the playful nature!

7.       Daydream, take even 5-10 minutes and just daydream. This is the time to just  allow it to flow and not even put thought into what is “realistic” and what is not.

8.       Vision- Take some time to think about what you want to create in your life. Overall or even in a certain area. Make a list of some things that come up, really listen to yourself not to the shoulds or ought to’s! My favorite way to vision is using images (they have online versions too to make a vision board) or grab some images and words that fit what you want to create or even 1 image and write some notes on it. Allow yourself  a little bit of space to just show up for yourself in this way.

9.       Be open/ Seek Inspiration, it’s all around us, in nature, music, in our homes, in our daily interactions and chores. Even as simple as finding a poem or quote

10.   Help someone. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or any money, but helping someone is really good for our Soul. Help someone from a place of really wanting to not from obligation or to check it off of your soul wake up list! Smile, open the door, pay for their coffee, Send them a letter, quote or text something loving or inspiring!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowerd



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