Your own Support- Soul Musings


Hey Beautiful Soul,

We all want support. We all want to be heard and seen. Though I have had some situations lately where I have not really felt some or all of those things. I realize the one person who’s support I really need and deeply want is –mine.

I know I do this more often that I would like to admit. I am upset because some of those around me do not really support what I am saying or deeply asking for. Do you know what I realized while writing this. They are mirroring what I am doing to myself.. UGH!

I mean think about it, how often is your life or your body giving you messages about what it needs, craves and desires.

And how often do you ignore it?

Yeah me too, a lot! So often unconsciously. Other times, I hear it and what it is asking for is too uncomfortable or inconvenient , scary or a stretch. So I either ignore it or try to appease it by sort of listening.. for a while.

This is something I want and need  to work on. I am going to start shifting this by:

  • Journaling, I write every single day at least something a few sentences, blog posts, soul notes, emails. However lately I realized I have not really sat down and engaged in some real soul listening journaling, allowing the time and space for the messages to come through. So I am getting back to that.
  • Ask myself: How can I deeply support what my life and my body are telling me? What is one small thing I can do (or not do)today and this week to honor that message?
  • Schedule in 30-60 minutes once a week to tackle uncomfortable tasks
  • Create a brain dump list of what I am avoiding, hearing but ignoring, ways I can and have shown up for myself.
  • Check back in with my Values, most especially when having some serious conversations that are coming up.

I have several other ideas floating around in my head around this. However these feel like a good starting place.

I am constantly encouraging my clients,family and friends to show up for themselves. It’s time I starting taking my own advice again!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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