Friday 5 – Ways to Spring Clean your Life


Hey Inspiring Soul!

Here are 5 (well more actually!) ways to Spring Clean your life.

1)      Your space:  Choose a space that bugs you the most and make it your spring project, clean it, declutter, add inspiration make it an inspiring and functional space no matter what space it is!  Choose a few spaces and do the same but on a smaller scale!

2)      Your Mind: Do a brain dump list (this is a list of all the stuff that is on your mind , things that are undone and to do and just dump it out with no worry about order or priority) Write a goodbye letter to what is no longer serving you (old hurts, limiting beliefs etc.) be sure to thank them as they did serve you at one point but you are ready to let go now!

3)      Your Body:  Give your inside and outside some extra TLC – Notice what your body is craving, really craving, make a smoothie, do dry brushing, do some “detox” yoga poses or breathing. Nourish your body with in season and whole food (cut down on the over processed stuff!)

4)      Your Wardrobe: Go through your clothing and accessories and pull out anything that feels like shoulds or has guilt attached to it (it was a gift, it doesn’t fit etc…) if It’s in good enough shape, donate it otherwise get rid of it!

5)      Your Digital Life: Choose 1 area of your digital life (at least) and clean it up a bit,unfollow or unlike social media pages that do not inspire or inform you, delete images off of your phone, clean up your computer desktop, unsubscribe to newsletters/lists that do not inform or inspire you (and often we just delete without even opening)

This month in the newsletter I will be sharing over 25 ways to inspiration this Spring, be sure to sign up so you don’t miss the goodness!


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