A list of dreams for my 38th Year-My bday list(s)

image(13)Me, ready to take on my 38th year 🙂

Hey Inspiring Souls,

My Birthday was the 28th and each year for the last 3 or so years I have created lists for my bday of goals and things i wanted to explore or accomplish in that year. In the past I have done things like 37 while 37. This last year I did not really do nearly as much of my list as I had hoped. So this year I am doing something different. I am doing 3+8 (because I am 38) bigger goals. And I made a list of 38 inspirations, ideas of things I want to do, create or things to explore.. As I do every year I thought I would share!

Do you create any kind of bday list?

1)      Create some kind of Family Documentation Project- (not sure what it all looks like I know it includes, words, videos/recording, pics)

2)      Work with a business Coach

3)      Write and publish another eBook or Inspirational photo book

4)      Start planning –for real 2 big trips in 2015 time-frame (Trip to Germany with my Mom and my 20th wedding anniversary with hubby!)

5)      Move

6)      Do 3-8 things every month that stretch my comfort zone! Small to big things- to help ensure more success in this create a list at the start of each month of ideas

7)      Buy a new Mac! (Mine died a while back and I have not replaced it yet, I do have a windows laptop that suites me just fine but does not have all the ease and yumminess of a mac! This will be excellent for several of the bigger project ideas I have)

8)      Have a real financial plan in place- for debt, savings and retirement –This will entail meeting with a professional, reading books and implementing the ideas, rewriting my money story etc.)

9)      Officially launch my Whole Life Design Group Coaching and Course

10)    Decide (while the nature of most of these decisions is personal, I will share as I get further along in the journey if it makes sense to do so) There are some smaller and some HUGE decisions that I keep putting off, time for that to stop and remembering that sometimes not deciding is deciding!

11) Website redo! I have wanted to do this for a while, this year feels like the right time to do so, starting to dream about what it will be like already! What would you like to see here?

38 Inspirations:

1)      Get super love tee

2)      Get a tattoo on my wrist (small, tasteful and meaningful for me!)

3)      Try 1 new thing a month (Food, blog, Magazine, Outfit, Place to eat, idea etc..)

4)      Take another Kimberly Wilsons eCourse

5)      Get sub to Psychologies magazine (UK)

6)      Go to a local yoga class (series would be even better!)

7)      Buy a Mala from malacollective.com

8)      Get 2 more pieces from TranquiliT

9)      Go to land of the medicine Buddha

10)   Read the Artists Way

11)   Do a video or a few for my blog

12)   Go to a local class

13)   Make sushi

14)   Do a collaboration journal or painting

15)   Skype with my friend in Scotland

16)   Create a personal photobook

17)   Go on a retreat

18)   Create a DIY every month for the blog

19)   Study more about Yoga (read a book, take a workshop or 3! , Practice more often and specific poses steadily)

20) Do a Flipigram at the end of each month with that months photos

21) Explore Miksang photography

22) Try Arm Knitting or Knitting Loom

23) Create a digital or print magazine (for inspiration and fun!)

24)  Finish Art Doodle Love

25) Try Freezer cooking or prep day

26) Plan the holiday’s ahead a bit more (as I have family travel ideas!)

27) Try 5 new recipes

28) Get  Juicer

29) Take an art or writing class

30) Try google hangout

31) Host a huge giveaway of some kind!

32) Beach glass hunting

33) Take this course

34) Reunite with retreat ladies

35)  Explore the connection between= Spirituality/Creativity/Yoga!

36) Do the prompts in Live Out Loud (even better, with someone or a group!)

37) Develop old film!

38) Do  grid wall with Instagram pics

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


2 responses to “A list of dreams for my 38th Year-My bday list(s)

  1. pynart2@comcast.net
  2. We can do #30 any time you like!

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