Detoxing your self-talk..

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I have the first of a series over on Kind Over Matter site.. This month is all about Detoxing your Self-Talk.. Here is the first bit and follow the link to read the rest!


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am beyond thrilled to be doing a series on Detoxing Your Self-Talk for one of my favorite blogs!

The term “Self-Talk” may be familiar to you. We are all doing it much of the time unconsciously. Self-Talk is the internal dialog (thoughts) we have to and about ourselves, what we say out loud to and about ourselves to ourselves and even what we say to others about ourselves. It’s powerful, yet it’s so often an overlooked or totally ignored area in our lives.

What we are thinking and saying to and about ourselves is what we are affirming in our lives. (I know scary concept!) If you had a friend that talked to you the way that you talk to and about yourself, would you still be friends? For most of us that answer is likely a big ‘ol NO!

Read the rest over here!

4 responses to “Detoxing your self-talk..

  1. There are really good pre recorded “Self-Talk” programs that will improve the way you talk to yourself available at

  2. Interesting way of thinking about Self-Talk — Would I be good friends with myself? I am going to go through my days thinking about this — and see. I know I need to be kinder to myself – Working on that – Appreciating what I have to bring to the table, instead playing myself down … Great Post! Xo

    • toliveinspired

      Thanks so much. It is interesting isn’t it to think of it in terms of if I was around someone that talked to me or about me the way I do would I be friends with them.. Yes celebrate what you have done – we get to focused on what is undone or where are not and we forget to appreciate ourselves for simply showing up for ourselves.
      Own your strengths! xo

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