Detox your self-talk – Part 2


Part 2 in the Detox your Self-Talk series for Kind Over Matter!

Well hello again, beautiful souls!

Last week we talked about the power of self-talk. This week we are going to continue the process of detoxing our self-talk. We are going to start the process of tuning into that self-talk and really start to notice what we are saying to and about ourselves.

The key to being able to shift anything is to be aware that it’s happening, right? How can we change what we are not even aware of, what we don’t notice?

First off I want you to take a deep breath, I want you to remind yourself this is simply about noticing so you can start the process of shifting. This is NOT about beating yourself up. Be gentle, yet fierce with yourself and this process.

Ways to Start to notice what you are saying to and about yourself:

1) Start your day with a statement of awareness: I will lovingly observe my self-talk today. Repeat that a few times through the day ideally!

Read the rest here..


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