Detox your Self-Talk – Part 3


Here is part 3 in my series detox your Self-Talk over on a wonderful blog!

This week in the “Detox your self-talk” series we are looking at starting the process of switching up and healing our negative self-talk. Last week we started the process of noticing our self-talk. What things came up for you? Take that list and see how you can turn those statements around into more empowered self-talk! See my examples below!

Let’s take a few negative common words and phrases and look at how we can swap them into something on the more empowering and even positive side. Now the “Empowered Responses” could be more positive in some instances however I get how it can seem like too much of a jump to go from what we say now to the affirmations. However I am also giving some ideas for Affirmations if you want to take this process a little further.

Head over to the site to read the rest!


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