Comfort Zone- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am working on getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable these days! This is all in effort to expand my comfort zone. While I am all for being comfortable in certain situations (and in clothes always!) getting to a place where I am learning to be at least OK with the discomfort is something I feel will help support so many (all?!) the other things I really want to do in life. Because anytime anything is new – it is uncomfortable. And if I can stop hightailing it in the other direction (or in the fetal position) more often then I know my life will continue to look and more importantly feel more aligned with my truth!

This week’s journal prompt is:

What are 3-5 things I can do that would expand my comfort zone within the next 1-2 weeks!

 (so 3 even teeny tiny things) that would make you a bit uncomfortable yet result in an expanded comfort zone?

Mine are:

1)      Try a new recipe or ingredient in the kitchen!

2)      Share a post about my space!

3)      Reach out to at least 1 person to ask for help or to get together.

4)      Make a list of 21 or more ideas of things that would expand my comfort zone

5)      Do a video or voice recording (even if I do not share it, as for whatever reason doing these often makes me nervous even when I am not actually talking to any live!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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