Friday 5- Awesome Newsletters


Hey Inspiring Souls!

This week I wanted to share 5 of my favorite newsletters. These are ones that I open every single time and always find inspiration in.

  1. Making Space from Star Gardner – so good! Here is a link to a recent one I loved!
  2. The Freedom Experiment, here is a link to one I really loved!
  3. Trust Notes– by Kristen
  4. Tama Kieve’s – (look towards the top of her site to sign up)
  5. Bloom and Shine, she often has great tips, yummy images and even yoga sequences sometimes! – the sign up is on the right side, down a little!

And of course, there is always mine :)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Friday 5- Awesome Newsletters

  1. Honored to be on your list, Heather! ❤

    • toliveinspired

      Hi Kristin, Thank YOU for the awesomeness you put into the world and for stopping by to make a comment! xo

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