Lessons from my worn out shoes..


Hello Inspiring Souls!

What walking around in shoes that are falling apart is teaching me about my life lately.. 

I am the type of person that feels like there is messages everywhere around and within us if we are just open to hearing them and telling them.

So recently I was thinking about my very favorite pair of shoes, and how it’s really time to get rid of them but I find myself not only hesitant about releasing them,  but still wearing these shoes constantly. I mean really they have multiple holes in them (and I am sure that is bad Feng Shui or something!) It’s been time to let go for a while. But I resist. (I even have been trying to find and then wear replacements but yet I found myself going back to the familiar)

It got me to thinking about why, and how that relates/reflects what I do in other areas of my life.

Simply put I keep them because they are comfortable and familiar, and what’s visible to most people looks just fine. But they do not really fit me properly (besides all the holes!)

Ummmm, that is strikingly similar to how I operate with other areas of my life- like my dreams, routines and foundations I know I need (and want- at least on some level!)  to put into place. So stay with me here.. the old ill-fitting yet comfortable shoe is the old habit and the new shoes are the new habit (so fear and  courage)

I even have tons of other shoes (again this can totalllly relate to life) ones that if I took time to break them in (kept showing up and practicing tiny acts of courage) they would be a great fit!

While the solution to this particular example could be as “simple” as throw the freaking shoes away! The mindset is the real “thing” that needs to be discarded.

I think I will give myself a timeline to throw the shoes away (hey baby steps here people!) and also make a list of the other ways I see that showing up in my life and what might be one tiny action towards replacing “it” with something more nourishing and empowered. Something that truly fits for the life I want to design.

What is your “ worn out shoe”?!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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