A journey of resistance.. Soul Musings



Hey Beautiful Souls,

Generally when I share a post I really try to have some kind of possible solution in play or some kind of idea of how to “solve” it or deal with it.

But right now I am in the midst of dealing with some (ok a lot) of resistance. I have been working with an awesome coach and she has strongly encouraged me to make more intentional space for some hands on creativity. What she is saying sounds divine and makes total sense on several levels. Yet I find myself being really resistant to the idea of “empty” (unplanned, very project oriented tasks) space.

Annoyingly I have found that often, not always but often the things we are resisting are the things we need (not want but need!) the most.

Frankly it’s really uncomfortable in several ways, and that seems silly for some reason as I love creating, I thrive off of having a creative life but I am realizing it has very little to do with the creating it has way more to do with what I am creating space from as opposed to what I am spending my time doing. And by the way just the other day I was talking about needing to get myself more comfortable being uncomfortable-darn!(be careful what you wish for 😉

So much of it has to do with my mindset, the energy I am bringing to (doesn’t it suck/isn’t it a blessing when you can’t blame someone else ha!) And this is becoming painfully clear in this process, that by the way has just  began!

So I will be doing the following. I will keep showing up, discomfort and all! And I will check in with my attitude/energy on a regular basis!

It’s all part of the process at this point!

I share all of this just in case you too happen to be in the space of resisting and discomfort on your journey to creating the life you desire! Just know you’re not alone in it. We are in it together- white knuckles and all!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




2 responses to “A journey of resistance.. Soul Musings

  1. Heather – So glad, once again I came across your blog/workshops – Yes – I fully understand – I feel we are all in this together – Strength in Numbers – Creatives Unite ❤

    • toliveinspired

      I am so glad as well. I see it so clearly when others are doing it but dealing with it in myself has been an entire different thing! It’s for sure a message for me!

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