My Writing Process- Blog Tour love!


Hello Amazing Souls!

Today’s post is part of a wonderful #mywritingprocess blog tour  I was invited to  participate in by a lovely soul Mindy! 

What are you working on?

Designing a life I love! Writing has a lot to do with this at the moment! I am working on several  eCourses on Designing your Whole Life and Visual journaling and more brewing in my head and heart,  Guest Posts, My blog and rekindling a project I started a while back with my dad an eBook on Spirituality and Creativity!

I am working through shifts in my life through writing.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write about living an Inspired, Creative and Empowered life in many ways. It’s different because it’s coming from my voice, expressing my experiences, thoughts, struggles etc. each layer is expressed in ways that feel true to me for where I am or hope to be in that moment of my life.

Why do I write what I do?

Simply put, because I can’t not write it. I am in the constant process of becoming more myself as many of us are and when I write it’s always from the heart and with a deep knowing that that i am not alone in this journey. I write what I do because it is my purpose to support and inspire others in living from their truths more and more. I try to find soulful yet practical ways of embracing that and sharing what I am learning along the way!

How does my writing process work?

Firstly I am most often a list maker, I jot down ideas, inspirations, thoughts etc. I don’t think there is not a day where I do not write, though some days have a lot more of it than others.

Writing of many kinds is what keeps me “sane” it’s how I process through the many shifts and layers of life.

I keep showing up on the “page” sometimes that’s in my blog, it’s on facebook, newsletter, my journals, a post it wherever I just keep writing.

It comes down to deep listening to what needs to be expressed, sometimes I feel deeply called to share other times I know it’s just part of my peeling of layers that needs to stay tucked in my heart.

Thank You so much for inviting me to to join in this blog tour Mindy and to help me slow down and tap into my writing process, something I honestly had not thought much about before on a mindful level.

If you love these questions and want to join in the blog tour, let me know. We can see what we can make happen!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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