Done and Ready- Soul Musings


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Here is what I am feeling lately like I am…

Done and Ready

Now at first “read” you might think this is a contradiction. While I sometimes feel like a contradiction (don’t we all sometimes!) I do not believe this to be the case at least this time!

I think that these two things are almost vital to one another. In order to make room for our “ready” we almost have to be “done” with something else.

I am feeling “Done” with several things in my life. However in the past I have likely unconsciously focused on what I was done with instead of putting that energy into the “Ready”!

I am creating a done list, but instead of “pinning that to my mind I will physically pin the ready list in a spot I will see it daily!

What’s on your “Done” and “Ready” lists?


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