August Break- Week 1

Hey Inspiring Souls..

For the next 4 Fridays or so I am putting aside my Friday 5 and sharing my August Break photos with you.

Here are the prompts for August Break  that I am following (at least for now!) From this lovely souls site! 


So far it’s been exactly what I needed to help me wake up to my surroundings a bit more. Something I would say I have for the last few years been really in tune to but not over the last few months. This has been just the inspiration I needed to open up and check in a bit more!

Here are prompts 1-7 not fully in order, but they are all there!












We are surrounded by themes, inspiration and the sacred in the everyday, we just so often get in our autopilot mode we don’t even notice it happening all around and within us!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





5 responses to “August Break- Week 1

  1. LOVE !!!!

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