Creating Space- Soul Musings


I have often said that our lives and bodies are giving us messages all the time. The thing is so often other noise is flooding our minds and lives and we don’t hear what they are saying.

One way to try and start to listen to your life is notice themes. Is there a word, phrase, book, anything that has come up again and again for you? I encourage you to start to notice these things a bit more. Maybe that comes from simply mentally noting it, creating little post it’s, writing these things on a napkin or notes app on your phone! In other words, it matters less how you capture them than that you start to open yourself to noticing these things.

A theme that has been coming up for me again and again is to create space. This summer I am working on doing that big time in several areas of my life. In both a physical way and a mental way.  What I am seeking in this spaciousness this summer is to create space for clarity. If I am “busying” myself with too much “stuff” I don’t allow the space to be open to hear, really hear and feel the answers I seek. I have been thinking lately of why this is. What I have unearthed so far is that sometimes the answers I seek, while right on path are uncomfortable. They will stretch me and put me outside of my “happy little comfort zone”. So on some level without actually meaning to I keep waiting for a more comfortable answer!

I have also noticed that I have a lot of resistance to being still more or not filling my time more. It has been and continues to be a learning process with the dance of resistance and craving all with in the same thing!

Do you have anything that you have been noticing lately?  I encourage you to open yourself up to noticing the messages, beauty, themes, inspiration even frustration in your life.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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