Aligned and Supported


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I want to feel deeply supported in many ways. One of the ways I want to feel deeply supported is by my own choices.


Seriously think about it, how often do your choices reflect the opposite of what you say you want to do, create, experience etc.?

And  so often I have and do experience it and see it with family and clients we get in a cycle of beating ourselves up about it. And then after we do that, what do we often do? Go back into the  “Autopilot “  way of doing things. Reacting vs. Responding to our lives.

In the midst of our realizing for that short bit of time, phrases like  “I need to get it together” or “I need to get my life together” (a “favorite” of mine) This is not a horrible phrase, but it’s not a great one either. It’s disempowering and frankly sort of broad, what does together mean? Do you have a clear definition of that (for yourself) ?

I have personally been working on replacing that phrase (when I become aware of saying it, witch by the way is alarmingly often!) I want to get my life in Alignment. Then how can I feel aligned today?

For me I starting to realize and open to more and more all the ways alignment might show up.

  • In the way we eat
  • In the way we dress
  • What we surround ourselves with
  • Whom we surround ourselves with
  • How we spend our time
  • How we spend our money
  • What we read, watch and listen to
  • Where we shop
  • How we treat the environment
  • How we talk and treat one another
  • How we talk to others
  • The way we show up in our work
  • The way we show up in our relationships

I am sure there are a ton more I could, but hopefully this helps us all think a bit more before we go into default mode. Still feeling a bit lost on what it all means? What feels right to you? What feels like you? What gives you sense of yes

Here are some definitions or similar words to “Alignment”


To declare your support, or the support of somebody or something you represent, for a person, group, argument, or point of view


Bring into line


What comes up when you read the ideas and the definitions? Start there. You certainly don’t have to have it all (or even most of it!) figured out.  (Trust me I have put off far too many things trying to do this- we never have it ALL figured out!) Start small and build from there.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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