Living by Default.. Soul Musings

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Living by default..

Hey Inspiring Souls,

Something I realized recently is this.. Indecision is a decision at a certain point.  Being complacent is a choice at a certain point.

These can be dangerous when it comes to creating a life we love as these often don’t feel miserable, we are sort of comfortable in these zones. But  they are not truly serving our dreams, goals, values and visions.

Life can be crazy for so many reasons, so we go into react not respond mode and we find that we are living from default. We are living the consequences of our indecision.

Our indecision to work with and through that fear head on or bit by bit

Our indecision to voice what we want, even to ourselves

Our indecision to say yes or no

I get it some things take time. But are we really sitting with the decisions and choices we need to make or are we saying we are in the midst of deciding but in reality we are avoiding (oh boy have I done/am I doing that more than I care to admit to you!)

We don’t realize the amount of energy this limbo/default state takes, but on some level it does drain us bit by unconscious bit.

So how do we start the process of living with more intention (boy that could be a whole series of posts and thoughts!) Here are a few things that might help:

  • Make a list of decisions that are in limbo
  • Choose an item off of the list, maybe it’s one  on the easier side maybe it’s a big one that you know once you are conscious about it will open up space for the rest to start being consciously decided on.  Just choose something and look at what needs to be put in place to decide it. Do you need to do research? Have a conversation? Just choose one or the other? Start now, schedule it in, reach out, decide!
  • Check in with your Values, goals and dreams this when done mindfully can help you decide or at least get to that next layer of decision.
  • “Role Play” how does it feel to make this decision one way? What about another way? Notice if you have any physical reactions to one choice or another.
  • What do you want? Does this line up with it? Stuck? Start with what you don’t want. Where does this decision fall into place with that?

Look we are human there are going to be times where we make a decision and we look back and wish we had done it a bit differently. However oftentimes (maybe not always) it’s better to have made a choice “wrong” or not then to just live in the state of constant default by indecision.

Where do you feel you are living from default?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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