In My Journal -Journal Prompt and Giveaway!


Hey Inspiring Souls,

It’s likely no secret to you that I love journaling , of all kinds really. Though I do have a deep love of visual journaling. I have said more than once my various journal keeping practices have kept me sane (ish!)

This weeks Journal Prompt is going to explore what your journal does for you, how it supports and nourishes you. Or even how you resist it, what stresses you out about it.

Set a time for say 5 minutes and let it flow.. In My Journal… 

Here are my responses:

In my journal I feel heard

In my journal I work through it

In my journal i can get messy (literally and figuratively)

I  list

I listen (messages often emerge through images and collected words)


I  Vision and Dream

I Play

image_2 (2)

I vent

***** GIVEAWAY****

I am giving away 2 spots in my upcoming Layers of Life -Visual Journal Workshop

Here’s how to enter:

In the comments tell me two things:

What you appreciate about yourself and your “relationship” with your journal.

And if you felt called to, I would love it if you shared the link to the Workshop with anyone you think might be interested.

Ends Saturday Sept 6th (2014!) 9PM PST

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered






2 responses to “In My Journal -Journal Prompt and Giveaway!

  1. I appreciate myself as a strong woman but being strong all the time and for others too can be draining sometimes. My journal gives me that creative space that is just about the things I love and would love my loved ones to look back on many years from now and through a visual journey with yes som writing really know who i am. It’s relaxing, non stressful and helps me as well to know myself better while releasing my creative energies in a very free form. I will share this with others who also love to journal.


    • Debbie, congrats you have a spot in the Layers of Life eCourse!
      Please contact me with your email so I can add you to the list!
      I love your responses. Sounds like your journal provides a safe space for many reasons. I relate!

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