Awesome Sauce stuff from the WWW- Friday 5


Well Hello Inspiring Soul!

I am an Inspiration addict (and I am good with that!) And isn’t Inspiration so much sweeter when it’s shared? I think so too!

Here are 5 Awesome Sauce (one of those phrases that keeps popping into my head and I really should let go but… ) Happenings!

  1. Starting Oct 1 a free 12 email series with the theme of Nourish.. sounds really lovely!
  2. Pre-Order has begun for Kimberly Wilson’s Anthology  Sure to be packed full of inspiration and loveliness!
  3. Learning How to Draw a Mandala I will be playing around with those this weekend using this video!
  4.  Powerful and Lovely thoughts in this newsletter. 
  5. A fun tassel necklace DIY , I will be trying it this Fall! (I used to be into making Jewelry until I discovered Visual Journaling and became obsessed with that!)

Please feel free to share your links to what’s inspiring you lately or awesome sauce happenings!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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