Currently Loving- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls

This week’s prompt (like most of the ones I share) can be responded to in multiple ways.

In your journal

In your Visual Journal

On a post it and put in your planner

On your blog

A list, a story.

In images (from magazines to capturing with your lens)

In links..

I am  Currently Loving?

Remember this can be from products, links, food, images, words, colors.

Here is a bit that is on my list currently..

Sweet potato chips

Using post it’s to capture random thoughts and stick in my journal

The Courses I am taking (from simple but powerful prompts to stretching myself way outta my comfort zone in art stuff)

5 minute blitzes

Soft and semi flowy tops

Being able to “Binge Watch” shows on Netflix Streaming (we are currently digging Heartland and before that Flashpoint)

Those are some of mine.. what about you? What are you currently loving?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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