Friday 5- Always on my list


5 Things always on my “to do” list.

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Each Sunday by the evening I sit down and plan out my week. This is a practice I have been doing for years and I find it really helps me stay more intentional in how I spend/invest my time each day.  Depending on my week there are varied tasks, appointments, to do’s , wanna do’s etc. However there are some that are always on the list (oh how I love lists!)

Here are my 5 that are always on my list (and  usually get checked off…usually!)

  1. Yoga 2 times (I don’t make myself commit to a certain amount of time just that I will do Yoga 2 in a week. Usually this ends up on the weekends. Sometimes I do 20 minutes or more. Most of the time I do 10-15 (but a few poses or 5 minutes totally counts to me too!)
  2. Visual Journal, this goes under my category of Soul because that is what part of me it nourishes to engage in it!
  3. Connect, sometimes this has very specific actions or people other times it’s more general. This can mean family, groups etc.
  4. 3 Blog posts+ I have my regular columns/categories to share with you each week, but that leaves it open to share other posts and thoughts that I get inspired by!
  5. 5 minute blitzes This usually has to do with de-cluttering, but 5 minute blitzes are a great tool for so many areas of your life. Simply commit to 5 minutes of super focused… (insert your task here.) De-clutter, clean, Move your body, organize, brain-dump and so on!

Those are 5 that are always on my list, what tasks, practices and to do’s are on your list (in your planner)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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