What if.. Soul Musings


What if…

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Far too often the disempowering, negative  “What if’s are running through my head. When I notice this happening too much I try and combat it with what feel like Empowered and soulful what if’s. The kind that have hope wrapped up in them! Here are some of the what if’s I am soaking in.. Maybe you need them too. (as with any of my stuff, take what you connect with and leave what you don’t)

  • What if you trusted your truth more than your fear?
  • What if you said yes instead of no?
  • What if you said no instead of yes?
  • What if you looked for evidence of abundance instead of lack?
  • What if you treated self/soul care like an important appointment that could not be missed (because it is!)
  • What if you filled an entire page with things you are grateful and inspired by
  • What if you looked yourself in the eyes and spoke what you appreciate about yourself
  • What if you showed up anyways
  • What if you allowed yourself to be done (for good or for now)
  • What if you gave yourself permission to…
  • What if you gave your body what it needed to feel nourished
  • What if you looked at yourself and those you love through a lens of a little more kindness
  • What if you acknowledged that setting and keeping your boundaries is an act of love for you and for others. Even when it feels gut wrenching hard to do.

What are your what if’s?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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