Nourished – Friday 5


5 ways to feel nourished (even among the chaos!)


  1. Find and Create Pockets of Peace (as I like to refer to them) these are small moments that we create or “find” where we can take a deep breath, stretch, close our eyes, do some yoga (whatever gives you a sense of peace)
  2. Savor at least one meal in your days. Sometimes we just want to shovel the food into our  mouths and move on to what else needs to be done or dealt with etc. Slow down, and try to focus on the flavors a bit the texture etc. Even just for a moment!
  3. Schedule in time to do nothing.. or at least don’t have an agenda. Take time to do what feels nourishing to you that day (or morning, or hour or 30 minutes.. )  You will not be less productive (though I prefer the word purposeful) you will be more so. When you come from a space of being nourished and filled up you have even more to give!
  4. Dive into your creative practice. Seriously even just 5-15 minutes can help us feel nourished!
  5. Get plenty of water, tea and other nourishing beverages!


Some of my go to tools and practices are:

Get plenty of water


Yoga (even a few poses or a super short practice)

Deep soulful breath

Slow down to listen (often done in the form of making a list or brain-dump)

What are you going to do to feel Nourished?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





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