Notice – Journal and Creative Prompts

Notice.. Notice the Sacred in the Everyday
Hey Beautiful Soul!
This is actually a prompt I am sending out to the lovely souls in my Holiday Course as well. I wanted to share it here because I think these are great ways to check in during this or any time of the year!

This is all about opening yourself up to noticing. Choose a few prompts (or use as many or as few as you want!) Lets take time to notice. While your holiday  may not seem all the eventful or too eventful. These times are not going to happen just like this again. Take some time to seek the sacred in this holiday period. (in your life…)

As with anything in my work.. take what works for you and leave what does not. Choose 1 question and 1 photo prompt do them all
Journal Prompts:
What feelings are coming up for me?
What is going on around me? What do I see, hear, feel, taste?
What has been going well for me?
What has been a struggle?
What seemingly ordinary moments have happened lately?
What blessings or moments of Joy are happening around me, within me?

Photo Prompts:

These are designed to get you to notice more of the bits of holiday, connection, joy that surrounds you. This is not about worrying about getting it perfect so use whatever camera you have.

Everyday moments, what are some of the bits of beauty, routine, connection you see in your everyday that you might not have noticed before?
Now (this is a great one to make notes with as well, recounting what is happening right now-and it does not have to be eventful or seem all that interesting, just capture it)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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