The Power of 10 Minutes…


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I think we very often underestimate the power of small bouts of time. This has come up again and again for me. From 5 minute blitzes to 15 minute inspired actions (and I am often heard  encouraging creating in 5 minute increments if that is all you have!)

Another thing that has been coming up again and again lately is the power of 10, taking 10 minutes (or less if that’s all you have in some cases)

The thing is we wait for blocks of time yet those blocks either never seem to happen or when they do they get filled with life!
We think 10 minutes towards the kind of life I want to live is nothing. But think about it for a moment, if you are getting/taking no time now then you are not making forward progress on “it’ (goal, dream, project etc.) right? But if you took 10 minutes a day for even just 4 out of the 7 days each week you would have done 40 minutes towards more towards your dream then if you had waited.  (And the more days you add in the more it adds up to of course!)

A few questions to help get you thinking about this.

  • -What do I keep saying I want to do, create, finish or start that I “don’t have time for?”
  • What is a project or task that I want done, but I don’t really want to do? Can I dedicate 10 minutes to it? (We can do most anything for 10 minutes right! )
  • What have I been putting off because I don’t think I have time or I need a chunk of time?

Here are some ideas to get you started on scheduling in your 10!

  • Create a folder on your desktop for you files for that book you have either started writing or are starting to write.
  • Move your body, there are DVD’s youtube videos that are 10 minutes or close to that from Yoga to Cardio. Go for a 10 minute walk do something to move your body daily (or close to that!)
  • Read something inspiring for 10 minutes
  • Organize a section of a space (or a drawer or a shelf)
  • Write- Journal, start a blog post, create a braindump, make a list to capture your ideas, thoughts, dreams etc.
  • Create something, in 10 minutes you can create a visual journal page, start a painting or drawing, start writing on that book you have been wanting to write, create a new outfit, take a photo.. and the list goes on!
  • Sort a file
  • Reach out to someone and connect (send a postcard, text, Facebook message, call, or simply look up from your phone and connect with the ones who are right in front of you!

I get it, not everything can be worked on in small amounts of time, but SO many things can be so why not start there?!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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