My Guiding Word for 2015

Hey Inspiring Souls.. I know there are a lot of you out there who choose  word of the year. This is something I have done the last 4-5 years and I have loved it. Some years it’s really shown up or I have shown up for it.  Other years it has not felt that the word went the way I had expected (then maybe that is the problem, expectations are a bugger!)
My word this year is.. Align
This word has a layered meaning for me and frankly grabbed a hold of me last few months of last year. I found myself thinking, writing it and saying it over and over!
I have felt like too many areas of my life have been out of whack, out of alignment.
This word for me means..
Align with my truth, my values, my creativity, my soul’s calling. The way I envision it showing up are in many ways.
The way and the type of things I write, What I share, how I eat, dress, spend my downtime, my livelihood, the way I spend my money, what I create, read.. the list goes on and on.. It’s about how I show up it’s about how I live.
I am putting in place a few things to support me in living this word, a journal that is dedicated to the word how i want it to show up and how it does show up. I have purchased a few inexpensive pieces that have my word on it (a bracelet and a necklace) and I am creating a mini canvas (5×5 ish) with my word on it to put up. The point is to surround myself with reminders of all sorts to keep me mindful of the word. Oh and of course a list ( you  know how I LOVE lists!) of Alignment actions monthly..
Do you choose a word of the year? What have you chosen or what has chosen you?
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


4 responses to “My Guiding Word for 2015

  1. Great word. Mine is “Let Go” which i know is two words but thats what settled on my heart at the end of 2014 as my word/guiding principle. Thanks for the reminder and cool suggestion of painting it on a canvas.

    • That’s a great phrase thank you for sharing (and where does it say it has to be a word it can be a phrase, mantra whatever we want!) Thank You for connecting! May your word show up in wonderful and beautiful ways for you!

  2. I was debating between “Empowered” and “intentional” for my word, although I like your word “Align” also. If what I DO matched with what I SAY I want to do, that would be awesome. Hmmm. Saying that made me realize a good word for me is INTEGRITY. Yes.

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