My Project(s) 52.. Exploring of sorts


Hey Inspiring Souls

I just love having projects to work on, I think that is one of the reasons I love taking online eCourses so much it gives me little (and sometimes big) projects to connect with on a regular basis.

I seriously considered doing a 365 photo project again this year (I have not done this for about 2 years, but LOVED it when I last completed one!) I just wasn’t fully connecting to that idea.

One 365 thing I am doing is not a project but more of a practice. One of my 3 big goals this year was to establish and maintain a DAILY spiritual practice.  I am allowing myself some openness of what that will entail as I go forward but I have my practices for now and am listening for what I might need to add or subtract from it.

So I decided to choose a few 52 (what I am calling 52 ish) Projects.

1)      A black and white photo a week, likely I will sort of have a “theme” for  them something like capturing the beauty in the everyday or chaos. I just love black and white but I often don’t think of experimenting with it in the moment. This will help me do just that at least a little each week!

2)      The other project is what I am calling (for now) Pinterest Project 52 ish ( I know I need a prettier name for it!) I am choosing something from my boards each week that I have pinned and “responding” to it. So that could look like all sorts of ways. There will be printables to fill out, recipes made, things crafted,  prompts responded to etc.. I have found that I am a (possibly obsessive) collector of inspiration and resources, yet I often am off looking at the next shiny thing and not really giving a try to any of what I am gathering-  often not even referencing it at all! I created a board for it and each week I will add the one I have chosen/done to it!

I plan on sharing my photos and pins every so often but I am not sure exactly how often that will be!  I am excited about what I will notice, explore, create and dig into!

Do you take on any 365 or 52 projects? I would love to hear about them!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



4 responses to “My Project(s) 52.. Exploring of sorts

  1. Hi Heather, I am stretching myself by participating in Be Still 52 with Kim Klassen. I like using her textures so I decided to jump in and learn some new things… Have a wonderful year of creativity!

    • That is great! I have not heard of her, looking up now! And to you may you also have an amazingly beautiful year of creativity! 🙂

  2. Hi Heather, I love your ideas, last year a did a gratitude project, a photo a day during the month of February and I posted it on IG, but I haven’t think anything for this year yet.

    • Elizabeth would love to know what you come up with if you decide to do one. There are a lot fun challenges through the year index card a day, a day in the life and some fun 30 photo ones ( I am creating one for this year myself!)

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