2015 Visions and Vision Board!

2015 Vision board and visions..
Hey Beautiful Souls,
Every year I create a vision board for the year. To be honest last year I loved the way the board looked ( I created it on a canvas) but I was not nearly as clear on what I wanted and the board while pretty and inspiring in some ways reflected that.
This year I feel much more clarity and way more connected to the vision board I have created (I also created it on a file folder  an idea that I got here .
I have 3 bigger goals this year (something I keep hearing about and decided to try, normally I have a much bigger list!)  and a lot of inspiration, want to’s and ideas to dive into. I feel the board reflects that and it’s full of reminders in words that will bring me back into what I am seeking to create again and again..
My 3 main goals:
  1. Work from home
  2. Daily Spiritual Practice
  3. Heal my Money Story

I am pretty clear on what these look and feel like, but will be working on visioning more and getting more clarity and of course actions for these areas in the weeks to come (because otherwise I will keep  putting it off and then be at Dec wondering what happened?!)

Some of my other want to’s (as I am referring to them Inspirations) are…

  • Create a digital magazine on inspiration +
  • Create and publish a photo book or eBook of some kind still working through my ideas to see what one really is “it” for me!
  • Take a 20th anniversary trip with my hubby!
  • Read 30+ books
  • Create some videos and podcasts for the blog 🙂
  • Expand my knowledge and use of Essential Oils
  • Cook a meal with hubby once a month
  • Get clear on phase 2 of our big decision (of a personal nature at this point so that is why I am being vague!)
  • Expand my coaching
  • Get more coaching

I have a ton more ideas and inspirations but I am working on really soaking them in and deciding what really serves my visions going forward, nourishes my mind, body and soul.

What about you, do you create a vision board? What are your dreams for this year and beyond?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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