In my Journal… Simplicity

Hey Inspiring Souls,
I just love seeing how others express themselves (especially in photography and in their visual journals.
So I thought I would share with you all on a regular basis (how often yet tbd) peeks inside of my journal. I will share images , sometimes they will have some explanation, thoughts, a DIY or something to try in your journal!
Current visual journal is a 5×8 Moleskine softcover. However I have used many different types: Spiral, composition notebooks and several other types.
As you can see this page only has 3 images on it (the words were attached to the buddha image on a page a day calendar from last year.) That and putting washi in various areas helped fill most of the page up.. The blank space on the right hand page can be left that way, filled with writing or another small image added. Sometimes I intentionally leave some pages ready to jot down notes or spill out feelings or lists so this may very well turn into just that!
The top image is one from an ad in a magazine, I used the blank space to fill in some thoughts, I love the mood of the image and often will use stuff like that as sort of a prompt for what I want to write.
The bottom page is simply acrylic paint with a brush sort of “dotted” on the page with some inexpensive washi and a photo I took and have had sitting around for a bit. Then on top of the photo I wrote a few reminders.
Do you have any favorite techniques or prompts that you like to use in your journal?
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

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