Experiment – In My Journal

Hey Inspiring Souls..

Having a Visual Journal is all about, well whatever you want it to be (venting, visioning, making a mess, making sense, dreaming, playing)  Recently I felt like experimenting a little in mine. Here is what unfolded..


This is not a finished page (sometimes I will share totally done ones, other times you will see the in between!) I used an (empty of course) toilet paper roll to do the “stamping” See this Visual Journaling stuff is super glam 🙂 Seriously though you will realize that so many things can be used as stencils and stamps if you are open to playing a bit! I used cheap acrylic craft paint and once that dried I started filling in some of the spaces with watercolor.


Yoga images or the like are something you will see in all of my visual journals. I am really drawn to them for a variety of reasons. I know some of those reasons but  mostly I just rip and glue and trust the process of it! HEre I used an image from an ad I think it was and some tissue paper (at the bottom there) and on the top a few strips of washi to add some color. The page stands alone, but could also be part of the pages i started above it..

What is unfolding in  your journal these days?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





One response to “Experiment – In My Journal

  1. Love the creativity! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future.

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