Recipe for an Inspired Life- Inspired Living Series


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am SO happy to be (slowllly) restarting my Inspired Living Series (where I feature guest posts on a range of topics but essentially all coming down to Inspired Living!)

To restart this series I have a beautiful Soul named Becky. I “met” her online in a class we both took. I have kept up on what she was doing and creating since. I have taken her online courses and believe in her and her work!

I just love the way she responded to and touched upon what it means to live an Inspired Life for her..(and certainly some doable takeaways for our own lives!)

And without further ado here she is!


What helps me live an inspired life?

When I think of this question, I first think of elements in my life that have kept me on my path and opening up to more good. For me these would be yoga, creative projects and energy work. Each of these has kept me inspired, intrigued and yearning for more. But it definitely goes much deeper than that.

Living an inspired life means noticing and paying attention to what is around you and what emerges to guide you. It is practicing daily Gratitude and Beauty-Seeking. It is knowing you are not alone and that you are supported by unseen forces so much greater than you can imagine. It is knowing that you can create your life with your very own thoughts, words and desires. It is knowing and trusting. Not always easy but well worth the effort!

I am taking this wonderful opportunity from Heather to create my own recipe for an inspired life. Why? Because you might know what you’re making (chocolate cake or an inspired life) but you can’t make it if you don’t know what goes in it!

My Recipe for An inspired Life 




No measurements here. Just throw in the bowl, mix and enjoy!

  • moments of stillness and solitude
  • time with those I love
  • teaching time and learning time
  • creativity (artsy stuff)
  • creating something new (something for my home, new e-course, homemade gift, anything!)
  • caring for myself based on my own personal needs (Self-Care)
  • Nudging myself out of my comfy nest. Stretching myself. (Ooh, this one isn’t very comfortable but I’m learning it’s absolutely necessary.)
  • The little things that nourish (favorite tea, chocolate, snuggles with the kiddos, belly rubs for the dog, conversations with friends)
  • Moving my body in a way that feels good. Sweating! Feeling sore muscles the next day. (But not too sore)
  • Looking at the everyday moments I’ve captured on my phone. (link to
  • Fresh flowers
  • Cleaning the house, shifting the furniture, clearing the energy, creating new space
  • Being kind. Smiling. Lighting up someone’s day with a simple gesture.
  • Trusting. Trusting.


This would make a great journal entry or collage activity! Have fun with it! What is in your recipe for living an inspired life?







Becky Swanson is a beauty-seeker, energy-uplifter & soul-nourisher. She embraces these titles by offering goods & services for the soul as an energy work practitioner, yoga teacher, online course guide & maker of soulful goods. Becky lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, 3 children & pit-mix, Gypsy. Her online home


2 responses to “Recipe for an Inspired Life- Inspired Living Series

  1. What another wonderful inspired living message. Thank you Heather & Becky.I do alot of what you’ve shared & it has made a wonderful difference in my life. If you haven’t taken one of Heathers workshops you should because it can make a difference in your life & change how you look at at it too. Living Inspired every day. Thank you. Barbara Linzey

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