Spread the Love-Friday 5


5 ways  to Spread the love..


  1. Friends and Family:  Smile at those you live with or see often, listen- really listen, send a thinking of you text, email, call or letter. Tell them something you love or appreciate about them. And there of course is always the option of a treat for them, maybe even something unexpected and not “traditional”
  2. Yourself: Ask yourself what you need right now (and then do it if it’s possible.. it’s usually possible!) Make or get a nourishing meal, engage I self and or soul care (that could be an essential oils foot rub, face mask, bath, collage, meditation, prayer, knitting, photographing, playing with paint) Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and name even one thing that you appreciate about yourself. (physical or otherwise)
  3. Strangers: , leave a random note of encouragement, smile, Look at and thank the cashier at the store or your server where you get your coffee or a meal, Compliment someone sincerely
  4. The Environment: Bring (or buy) a reusable bag that you will actually take around with you, turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, recycle, donate still good items instead of throwing them away, have a meatless day of the week.
  5. “Other” Give a little extra treat or snuggle to your pet (I have a turtle so not a cuddly creature but you get the idea!) Do you have a cause that you feel especially passionate about? Spread the love by spreading the word about it.


How are you spreading love today?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




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