Connect yourself with Inspiration- Friday 5


5 Ways to connect  yourself with inspiration


Hey Beautiful Souls!

For me Inspiration is a Core Value (as you might have gathered by the name of this blog and my brand!) I am of the belief we are constantly surrounded by it if we are open to noticing it and paying attention.


  1. Create a playlist (of music, videos and even podcasts etc. that really inspire you)
  2. Create or download a pic for your phone that inspires you and make it the wallpaper (or have it as a desktop wallpaper)
  3. Gather/Collect it (magazines, Pinterest, “junk” mail) Create an inspiration board, journal or Pinterest boards (or all the above!)
  4. Capture it through your lens, any lens. Notice a sign, leaves, flowers, colors that grab your attention. Capture them.
  5. Note it. What words, ideas, things to learn, people, places, sounds, smells, recipes, books, quotes (anything goes!) inspires you. Make notes of it. Create them on post it’s, in a journal, notes app on your phone.

What ways do you connect to your inspiration?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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