Black and White- In My Journal


Hey Inspiring Souls!

For this page I started with the flower image on the left. Glued it down and then from there decided to go with a black and white theme (and all from one magazine) I find little challenges like this to help me look at things a bit differently.

The right page with the snippet from an article served as sort of a black out poetry type of thing. I circled words that I liked in there.

I could have gone other ways with this one. I could have left the image and written a quote, word or thoughts under it, I could have added in some bits of color by using markers or paint to the sort of sketch look of this, I could have simply added any other images color or black and white to see what theme, message etc. emerged.

What’s in your journal lately? Do you have any type of tips you are looking for or have pages from your journal? I would love to hear them and see them!

Here is to Living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Black and White- In My Journal

  1. Love this idea…you could use it with any color. bearnbabs

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