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Hey Beautiful Souls!

I am thrilled to share this months Inspired Living Guest Post. I had the pleasure of taking a year long group/course with this lovely Soul and have continued the connection in other ways. And don’t be surprised if when you are done reading this awesome post that you can’t look at magazines or notebooks the same again!

Enjoy and welcome Stacy! ❤


The Art of Journaling

I enjoy a blank sheet of paper. It holds so much hope and possibility.

Paper can be anything.

It can hold words and become an inspiring story.

Hold paint to become a beautiful picture.

Or hold a dream for the future.

The metamorphosis of a page is pure alchemy. Transforming paper will make your life magic.



I’m a journal lover. But sometimes I use a simple sheet of paper, a paper coffee cup, a napkin, a paper bag. In my journals I tape, glue, staple and tie ANYTHING that I want to include. (Hello recycling bin.)

Journaling is not just for writing though, you can rip and cut magazines and catalogs for words, phrases and pictures. You can use pens, gel pens, paint markers, pencils and crayons. No need to buy special things, use what you have, be adventurous and get creative. Anything goes.


Journaling is healing and a good way to release things that bother you. If I have a bad day I will “journal dump” by writing down all the things upsetting me. Then I transform the page by covering it with positive images and words. Try it when you’re upset, you’ll see just how well it works.

By the way, I am not an artist and you don’t need to be either. There is no right way to do this kind of work. No one but you will see your journal, unless you want to share.

I carry my journal with me, writing notes as I go, adding ideas as I think of them. My journal becomes a representation of my life, from the mundane hair cut to the fun night out with friends.

The exciting part is when you get to the end of the journal.

The pages have become swollen with words, thoughts and memories.

Fat with ideas,

dreams of the future,

wounds that have been altered with images of possibility.

The more tattered the better because it is the representation of real growth. The way it happens in the world, never in a straight line but in ebbs and flows. Swishes and swirls.

Each page a prayer of hope, set free out into the world.

Your Journal Fun for Today

Find your own power symbol or inspiration symbol.

A symbol is a reminder of who you are and where your strength is.

It helps to keep you focused.

How to Find Your symbol:

Look for images and cut them from magazines, or draw or paint.

Take a walk and see what you find as inspiration; a bird, animal, rock, cloud or flower?

Maybe your symbol is a combination of 2 or 3 images?

Does it have letters or numbers?

Is it a tool you use daily?

Let your mind wander and see what you discover.

Put it all together in your journal or be like a superhero and wear it on your t-shirt.

To answer Heathers question, What keeps me inspired?

My biggest source of inspiration comes from a group of women I hang out with. We are a multigenerational group that meet at least monthly. We each may have our own personal struggles but when we are together nothing else matters.

When we meet, love fills the air and laughter ensues. We take trips together, have sleepovers, have a yearly toenail painting party. We cry at our losses and celebrate milestones together. None of us are related and we range in age from 28 to 60+ years old. Hours truly pass like minutes in the presence of these beautiful souls.

Our only goal is to support each other through life.

These women inspire my work daily! I am forever grateful to these special ladies.

To see some amazing journals you can visit my Art Journal board on Pinterest. It’s load with other peoples journals I find interesting and inspiring. Also mixed in you’ll find a few hints, tips and how to videos.

Other places you can find me (I’ll follow you back!)



Thank you Heather for having me here on your blog! ❤

And thank you all for reading.


I’m Stacy Reck, dream guide. I help brave women awaken their heart, guts, and brain by helping them to understand their dreams through journaling. When I’m not journaling I love to knit, watch the clouds and dream. I live in CT with my husband, 2 sons and dog, Stella.

I am a Holistic Counselor with training in Jungian psychology, Dream Mythology, Dream Body work, C.A.G.S. in Holistic Leadership and am certified in Past-Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss.


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