39 while 39 A Birthday Bucket List


Hey Inspiring Souls!

This last Saturday was my Birthday and in trying to keep with tradition I wanted to create a birthday list of goals and dreams. This last year I tried something different I had less goals (38 was 3+8 so I set 11 bigger goals) frankly I didn’t do that spectacular on that so instead I am going back to my original idea!  I have put a mix of some pretty major goals and some smaller things.  Wish me luck and alignment!

39 While 39… 39 things I would like to Do, Accomplish, Savor, Discover, Read and Create in my 39th year on the planet 🙂

1.       Get a Tattoo ( I know what one I want it’s small and meaningful, I just have to muster up the courage to get it!)

2.       Find a new stylist and get my hair cut

3.       And  colored

4.       Become a certified Reiki practitioner (signed up for the online course, have not started it at the time of the original posting

5.       Move

6.       Start the process officially for mine and hubs dream (of a more personal nature!)

7.       Publish (a photo book, inspiration book.. ideas flowing decision not yet made)

8.       Create a digital magazine

9.       Pay off our current Credit Cards

10.   Do 2 charity walks

11.   Visit someplace new

12.   Have date picked out, reservations started for Germany trip with my Mom!

13.   Day trip or longer to Land of the Medicine Buddha

14.   Plan a retreat for real (in other words not just talking and pining about it!)

15.   Revamp my wardrobe (if I don’t love it then get rid of it, for reals!)

16.   Read …  Life changing habit of tidying up.. put into practice

17.   Read Playing Big by Tarah Sophia Moore.. put into practice

18.   Watch a sunrise

19.   Create 2-3 new courses! (At the time of this list I have 2 ideas in motion already!)

20.   Take a Soulcollage workshop

21.   Take Coaching Blueprint

22.   Take a few Belly Dance classes

23.   Have read and implemented “Money a love story” by Kate Northrup ( and possibly David Ramsey book)

24.   Meet or at least Skype my friend from Scotland

25.   Get this hot pink A5 Filofax 

26.   Host a Holiday or 2 for my entire family (note plan WAY ahead here!)

27.   Host a girls night!

28.   Work with a financial person to help get some things that are out of whack into place!

29.   Get a Vitamix or the like

30.   Go to the local Ceramics place and paint/create a piece

31.   Give up something for 30 days (ideas- Paper towel, sweets, buying something new)

32.   Commit to something for 30 days (ideas: meditation, taking a photo, creating something every day )

33.   Complete my current list of undones (and try really hard not to keep adding to it!)

34. Get this Ikea cart I have been drooling over for more than a year 🙂

35. Learn to braid hair, I know I know.. I “should” know but I don’t and it’s one of those strange things that bug me and for various reasons I gotta learn!

36. Go Monarch Viewing in Pacific Grove  (I have wanted to do this for years, and it’s embarrassingly close to where I live I just have not made it a priority.. ) 

37. Find a way to merge my passion with a cause I care about to raise money and awareness. I am pretty vocal about things I am passionate about but this is a different twist on that for me.. Not sure what that looks like just yet though. 

38. Finish “Building Your Business the Right Brain Way” by Jennifer Lee

39. Work from home


2 responses to “39 while 39 A Birthday Bucket List

  1. Happy birthday! I love your idea about getting a meaningful tattoo. I have two of them; one is a small heart with three flowers surrounding it on my upper right hip…I love to tease my three daughters that it is symbolic of my love for them {they love the thought but not the location, LOL!}

    • toliveinspired

      Thank You Grace!
      Sounds like a lovely and very meaningful one. And hey the fact that it freaks them out a bit.. bonus lol

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