Simple Pleasures – Part 2


Simple Pleasures – Part 2

Hey Inspiring Souls!

For part two of simple pleasures I took it to the people (on Facebook) and asked them what simple pleasures they find nourishing.. Here are the awesome responses I got.. I hope find some inspiring ideas to support you in practicing having simple pleasures  in your life! Check out part 1 here!

  1.   A cup of tea or coffee light and sweet
  2. Playing a fun game
  3. Walking on the beach or out in nature
  4. Hugging trees
  5. The scent of lavender (or using it or another lovely oil in the bath)
  6. “Fluff” therapy as my sister Krista likes to call it.. aka time with your pets
  7. Sitting in a bookstore
  8. Afternoon naps
  9. Clean Sheets
  10. Sweet or savory treats, the savoring of and the scent of them

What are some of your favorite simple pleasures?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “Simple Pleasures – Part 2

  1. Cooking dinner with good music, candles aglow, and ample wine… 🍷💗

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