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Simple Pleasures – Part 3


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to Part 3 of the  Simple Pleasures Series! Read Part 1 and Part 2 !

This week we are going to continue to explore some simple pleasures and a few prompts for you.

  1.  Coloring, do you think because you’re an adult that you are past the age for coloring.. Wrong! Coloring books for adults have become wildly popular lately.  Find ones that appeal to you it might be like play, It might feel like a meditation either way it feels good!
  2. Plants, succulents etc. Not only do some plants improve the air quality but they are beautiful to look at! Pleasure on the eyes!
  3. Play! Get a small container of bubbles and go for it, get on a swing,
  4. Read fiction. While I am always more attracted to personal growth or spiritual books. Sometimes I just like to dig into a book purely for the pleasure of it (not that I don’t love reading those types of books it’s just a different mindset!)
  5. Watch a funny video just because (laughter is really good for you so it’s a win win!)
  6. Buy or start a new journal
  7. Give/Get a really good hug
  8. Stretch your body
  9. Surround yourself with scents that uplift, calm or energize you! (some of my faves being lavender, wild orange and peppermint oh and I can’t forget my favorite scent vanilla!)
  10. Create a stack of books, bracelets, a jar of paintbrushes in other words a little stack of container of joy!

A few prompts:

Capture your simple pleasures in a photo, or sentence (share on Instagram with a #toliveinspired)

Choose one from this list or one of the ones linked above.  Or  your own of course and engage in it today, this week (right now!) you don’t have to wait to “earn” it!

Support someone else in their simple pleasures (flowers, an extra container of bubbles)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered






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