Waiting… In My Journal

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I was waiting on hubby the other day while he was working hard and since I had a little down time I thought why not fill it with some journal play!

While at home i have a ton (like overkill) amount of images and collage stuff I often like being a little bit more limited like I am when I use my creativity to go kit.


We can fill that open space with mindless phone gazing (totally “guilty” of this very often) or we can fill it with something that in turn fills us (and if that is phone gazing for you, that’s great!)

Another way I intentionally limit myself when creating pages is to challenge myself to create a page out of one magazine. So find the words and or images I want just from one magazine. Even times when I would be ready to recycle it, I would look again and often find a little something or entire pages worth.

Waiting doesn’t have to be boring!






Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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