What if.. Soul Notes



What If..

Hey Inspiring Souls

These are what if’s I have been asking myself lately (and possibly avoiding the responses in some cases!) They are simple yet really powerful

So often we are guided by our what if’s but the dis-empowering what if’s.. What if this goes wrong, what if I can’t. I am not saying we should not ask these what if’s. Honestly though, how often do you create space for yourself to work through and past these? If your anything like me than you probably all too often allow those what if’s to become why bothers or never minds!

What if you dressed to really express

What if you responded to what life is asking of you instead of reacting to the circumstances

What if you started anyways

What if you listened a bit deeper

What if you forgave

What if you ate to truly nourish your body

What if you said no to something good so you could say a Soul yes to something better?

What if you signed up for that class, group, volunteer position whatever has been tugging at you to see, hear and explore it.

What if you stopped waiting until..

What if you showed up

What if you stepped back

What if I trusted myself a bit deeper

What if it did work?

What if you celebrated showing up, and taking those tiny steps instead of beating yourself up for not taking huge leaps.

What if?

What are your what if’s?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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