Mid Year Check in Q’s – Friday 5


Hey Inspiring Souls.. No matter how much we may want to deny it we are half way through 2015 (where the heck did it go,really?!) This is a perfect time to check in with your 2015 goals, visions, intentions etc..

Here are some questions to get you started.. Other ways to check in, celebrate it are to look through your pics and print some out and stick them in your journal or planner.. Give yourself some credit where you rocked it and some gentless (or a motivational talk) where you felt you were “falling behind”

5 Q’s for a mid-year check in

1)      Have I kept my word, phrase or intention present  this year so far?

2)      What is on track with my word, dreams or goals? (even if it didn’t show up the way It thought it would or should? )

3)      In what  ways am of off track with my word, dreams or goals?

4)      What actions/practices am I willing to take, to (re)commit to that  would support my word, dreams or goals from here on out?

5)      Can I listen a little deeper and ask myself.. What do I need? ( to acknowledge, begin again, release and so on.. )



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